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They're probably messing up the sheets in a fury of passion as we speak.

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She shook her head and clenched her hands together, torn between fury and sorrow. Gabriel said nothing, and fury unfurled within Rhyn as his gaze went to the sleeping woman. But before Prince Vasili had finished his playful speech, Pierre, without looking at him, and with a kind of fury that made him like his father, muttered in a whisper:. The Sector Chief remained in the doorway, watching as Dusty unleashed his fury against a punching bag.

He looked to his brother again, fury of the deepest kind running within him. But he felt nothing, not even his brother Damian's fury at the immortals messing with the mortal world.

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This is all you'll give me? A flash of darkness went through his gaze, and the same sense of hidden fury returned.

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Fury lit her insides at his calm words, as if he wasn't responsible for destroying her life! He shouted at her, fury on his face, but his words were lost to the storm. Grabbing a camera, he hopped out into the fury of the storm, "for a few quick lightning shots. She refused to go away and her father's fury broke over her in a terrible storm. He was coated with sweat and exhausted, but he wouldn't stop until he beat the fury out of him.

She hesitated then reached for him, her cool touch soothing the fury in his blood. This is what they have done with me! Fury rose within him again as he took in the Immortal who had betrayed them and taken Katie. At first she heard only Metivier's voice, then her father's, then both voices began speaking at the same time, the door was flung open, and on the threshold appeared the handsome figure of the terrified Metivier with his shock of black hair, and the prince in his dressing gown and fez, his face distorted with fury and the pupils of his eyes rolled downwards.

He could no longer look at the two crumpled bills on the bed, the stark reminder of her fury when he'd sent her away. Fury lit his insides as he regarded her easy dismissal for one of the most painful events of his life. He fought with unrestrained fury , not wanting to stop and think of the most ridiculous thought ever to cross his mind. He felt fury at the mention of Darian's name mixed with resignation. Somehow she managed to take a few steps, and then a few more - fury driving her on.

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Although the heavy rain was holding off, there was a feeling it was only a matter of time before the full fury hit. And the screams of those that were being trampled on and of those who tried to rescue the tall lad only increased the fury of the crowd. Cold fury replaced the regret, and he knew he'd do anything to keep her from danger.

Trembling and panting the old man fell into that state of fury in which he sometimes used to roll on the ground, and he fell upon Eykhen, threatening him with his hands, shouting and loading him with gross abuse. Despite her fury and fear, she found his presence oddly calming, like sitting in a spa surrounded by incense with her feet in a salt bath. I shall never forget how the fury of battle throbbed in my veins--it seemed as if the tumultuous beating of my heart would stop my breath.

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Before the officer finished his sentence Prince Andrew, his face distorted with fury , rode up to him and raised his riding whip. Rhyn grunted and rolled onto his stomach. The stone floor beneath him was cool but not cool enough to soothe the hot fury of his magic. The effects of whatever Toby had injected into him were almost gone.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity lost in his fury , a dagger sliced his forearm. Instinct and fury blinded him. He felt the dagger sink into flesh and struck again, only to find himself flying backwards through the air. Rhyn shouted something at him, but Kris couldn't hear him, not with the memory of both Lilith and Hannah dying. She glanced down at her conservative one-piece suit and was suddenly consumed with fury. Dean had blanked his campaign for sheriff from his mind, but now it returned with a headache fury. After awakening feeling at peace, he was close to pulling a Rhyn and decimating the world around him in an explosion of raw fury.


Jared bowed his head and fled, well aware of the power of the demon lord's fury. His mind pictured Cynthia Byrne, perhaps awake and alone with her grief, listening to Mother Nature's fury.

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For a moment he stared at her in disbelief — and then his eyes flared with renewed fury. The fury he'd felt since awakening from the dark place the Black God kept him started to fade. His magic filled the air around him, flinging the living room furniture against windows and walls in a fit of fury.

She suspected even his promise to sacrifice her if it meant saving their world would melt in the furnace of his fury. Darian saw the fury cross Jenn's face, and her next strikes were fast and hard enough they might've given her the upper hand she needed. She landed on her backside and stared at him, a familiar fury within the teal depths of her eyes.

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He had never felt such a blinding combination of fury and terror as he did in those few moments before she ran. He struggled against the darkness, trying to rally his fury to keep from falling completely unconscious after her blow. Tears of fury threatened to spill, but she could not, would not let Sirian see her weakness! Fury filled her as she recalled her father gifting her the book, not long before she killed him. She dashed around, pausing to gape at the storm as she closed each window securely against its fury.

Heat and exhaustion might have explained the instant fury that welled up in her throat and filled her voice with rancor. His voice held a familiar fury , one she thought would die with his father. The idea of anyone hurting her cousins filled her with fury and fear. In November Ivan in a fit of ungovernable fury at some contradiction or reproach, struck his eldest surviving son Ivan, a prince of rare promise, whom he passionately loved, a blow which proved fatal.

Charles de Lesseps, a victim offered to the fury of the politicians, tried to divert the storm upon his head and prevent it from reaching his father. After many delays he reached Luxemburg on the 4th of November the date of the Spanish Fury at Antwerp and notified his arrival to the council of state. It is clear that at this time the fury of the civil wars was spent. Boleslaus in his fury slew the saintly bishop, but so general was the popular indignation that he had to fly his kingdom.

The advantage of position being thus lost, the Spanish infantry rose and flung itself on the attackers; the landsknechts and the French bands were disordered by the fury of the counterstroke, being unaccustomed to deal with the swift, leaping, and crouching attack of swordsmen with bucklers. Rome had been roused to unwonted fury , and the truculence of the rebels was matched by the cruelty of their masters. Persecution was elevated into a system, a poll-tax was exacted, and the rabble was allowed notably in to give full vent to its fury.

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It is further evident that Desmoulins was already sympathizing, not only with the enthusiasm, but also with the fury and cruelty, of the Parisian crowds. Isaac delivered him over to his enemies, and for three days he was exposed to their fury and resentment. We have, however, sufficient Theories of evidence that they were used as places of refuge from the use of the fury of the heathen, in which the believers - the cata- especially the bishops and clergy, who would naturally combs. The Mussulman population of the Morea, taken unawares, was practically exterminated during the fury of the first few days; and, most fatal of all, the defection of the Greeks of the islands crippled the Ottoman navy by depriving it of its only effective sailors.

Neither could forgive Tisza for repudiating his earlier Radical policy, the so-called Bihar Programme March 6, , which went far beyond the Compromise in the direction of independence, and both attacked him with a violence which his unyielding temper, and the ruthless methods by which he always knew how to secure victory, tended ever to fan into fury. In there occurred an incident which not only incensed the Uitlanders to fury , but called for British intervention.

The war was fought with great fury on land and sea, but Charles, although aided by the pope, by Charles of Valois, and by James II. In this document the following statement was made: " Many citizens, to avoid such danger, built according to their means, on their ground, a stone house covered and protected by thick tiles against the fury of fire, whereby it often happened that when a fire arose in the city and burnt many edifices and' had reached such a house, not being able to injure it, it then became extinguished, so that many neighbours' houses were wholly saved from fire by that house.

Alompra never contemplated the fulfilment of the condition; and having obtained possession of the town, abandoned it to the fury of his soldiers.

He had several persons imprisoned in order to save them from the fury of the mob, and protected several suspects himself. So tyrannical, however, was his rule that in he was expelled by the popular fury. This silence proved fatal to his popularity with moderate men, gave new adherents to the Arrabbiati, and whetted the fury of the pope, Sforza and all potentates well disposed to the Medici faction.

His memory is stained by one act of needless cruelty, the massacre of over two thousand Saracen prisoners at Acre; and his fury , when thwarted or humbled, was ungovernable. The retirement was terribly costly, and but for the steadiness of Lannes the French must have been driven into the Danube, for the archduke's last effort to break down their resistance was made with the utmost fury.

While the result must be held to prove that he was right, he prepared future difficulties for himself by the fury of his language. It was fought with extreme fury , and terminated in the retreat of the English to the Thames with a loss of 20 ships and men. I are said to be held fast lest they should break in elemental fury on land and sea, are not let loose or referred to in the subsequent narrative, and also from the mention of the , Israelites of the twelve tribes, to whom no further reference is made; for these can no more be identified with the countless multitudes in vii.