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The prize-winning, low-budget film, based on 1,year-old traditional story of misplaced love and revenge, features non-professional indigenous actors speaking their local language.

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Gulpilil collaborated with the director, Rolf de Heer , urging him to make the film, and although he ultimately withdrew from a central role in the project for "complex reasons," [8] Gulpilil also provided the voice of the storyteller for the film. De Heer directed Gulpilil in another film, The Tracker Perhaps the most renowned traditional dancer in his country, he has organised troupes of dancers and musicians and has performed at festivals throughout Australia, including the prestigious Darwin Australia Day Eisteddfod dance competition, which he won four times.

He continues to provide mentorship to them, while lending his support to social and political causes such as the pursuit of tribal land claims for indigenous people.

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He joins other Australian artists in calling for government recognition of, and compensation for, the suffering of the " Stolen Generation " - children of mixed European and Aboriginal parentage who were forcibly removed from their indigenous families and placed in mission schools or with white adoptive parents far from their kin and homelands. In addition to his career in dance, music, film and television, Gulpilil is also an acclaimed storyteller. He has written the text for two volumes of children's stories based on Yolngu beliefs.

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These books also feature photographs and drawings by Australian artists and convey Gulpilil's reverence for the landscape, people and traditional culture of his homeland. Gulpilil appeared in an autobiographical stage production, Gulpilil , in March at the Adelaide Festival of Arts On 9 July , Gulpilil was staying at the home of Vaughan Williams in Darwin , when an argument started over his drinking Williams' home had a "no alcohol policy". During the argument, Williams and his friend allegedly armed themselves with a totem pole and a garden hoe.

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In response, Gulpilil produced a machete. Nobody was hurt in the altercation, however Gulpilil was charged with carrying an offensive weapon.

The defendant is an artist and a carver. He used the machete to carve didgeridoos , totem poles and strip stringy bark for paintings, [ On 30 March , a Darwin magistrate imposed a month domestic violence order against Gulpilil over an incident which took place against his wife on 28 December Gulpilil has been ordered not to "assault or threaten to assault Miriam Ashley directly or indirectly", and to stay away from her while drinking.

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In December , Gulpilil was charged with aggravated assault against Ashley, with the court hearing that he had thrown a broom at her, fracturing her arm. In September , he was found guilty and sentenced to twelve months in prison.

He was also nominated for this award in for Storm Boy. Well, that was the idea, but it was strange how police cases began to intrude into their studies. They began to practise real police work. Sometimes the kids could do things the senior officers couldn't - such as go undercover to deal with youth problems. For instance, there was this kid who knew how to make neutronite - a strange stuff that generated dark energy. Everything would have been fine if the Ganglions hadn't captured him and his father. Even Galpol knew that combining Ganglions and Neutronite was not a good recipe for peace in the cosmos.

Things became even more convoluted when the Ganglions fell out with each other, and a radical faction siezed control of their kingdom. Suddenly, Galpol had to rescue Ganglia's royal family. Could they ever become allies? Soon after the war, his family moved to Brisbane, Australia.