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An innocent beauty, trapped in sleep Sheltered from society, Aurora Jacquard has yet to feel the sweet release of physical love. Then, on the night she is.
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Sort order. Y is for Yardley Read a book on the bottom of your to-read list. My parents have a big Christmas party every year with friends and we eat lots and lots of food and drink lots and lots of booze. So by the end of the night, I am usually feeling a little tipsy, pretty festive, and quite in the mood to review something. I read this book awhile ago but never got around to reviewing it. I think 2 stars is kinda generous. But usually ge Y is for Yardley Read a book on the bottom of your to-read list. But usually generous is another feeling I have in abundance at the end of Christmas night.

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So two stars it is. I liked this one a lot less than Crave: The Seduction of Snow White which is surprising because that book was pretty bad too. But that book has a better attempt at a plot than this one did even though this one had more potential. Aurora "Rory" Jacquard is a beautiful rich girl whose parents sheltered her her whole life.

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She is 22 and a virgin and about to give up her virginity to her college boyfriend. She isn't in love with him but is so desperate to lose her V card that she'd do anybody.

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As soon as he's about to enter her, Rory falls into an unexplained coma. And stays that way for something like 7 years. Enter Dr. Jacob White. A celebrated neurosurgeon who takes on Rory's case. He's driven.

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He's a workaholic. And he looks something like this Oh sorry, I went into a brief coma from staring at Matt's beautiful biceps. Ok moving on. Jacob starts having these dreams. Sexy dreams. About Aurora. The two of them have sex.

A lot of sex. Sex all the time. In this dream world. And then the inevitable happens. Even though Rory has never had sex, let alone a relationship before, and Dr. Jacob is so self-involved and a workaholic that he shuns silly mentions of that icky L word. Well, Dr. Jacob becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to Rory and finding a cure so that she will wake up and marry him. We're just not going to talk about that. Because this is a love story. I'm not going to mention that the sex is boring.

And totally vanilla. And totally unrealistic. And one look at Rory's virgin pussy sacred space makes this workaholic commitment phobe cuckoo for cocoa puffs. This book gets an extra star for voodoo. This is why I don't do romance, people. It's dumb. Do it right or go home. Now I'm hauling my drunk ass to dreamland. And not having sex dreams about someone I don't know. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Jess out. View all 49 comments. More of a horror story than a fairy tale Although Ravish: The Awakening of Sleeping Beauty is clearly a very adult adaptation of the "Sleeping Beauty" fairy tale, this story comes across more as a chilling tale of horror in this reader's opinion.

It would have been better in novella length, with the plot tighter and faster and with fewer of the repetitious steamy scenes that at times slowed things down. A good-versus-evil romance The heroine, Rory Jaquqard, was intriguing near the end whe More of a horror story than a fairy tale The heroine, Rory Jaquqard, was intriguing near the end when she was operating with the obvious favor of some of the voo-doo spirits no more of a spoiler , and I would actually love to see her in some sequels or short stories if she and her prince, Dr.

Jacob White; their voo-doo expert friend, Mahjani Rafallo; and White's skeptical psychiatrist brother, Aaron, were to become embroiled in more cases in which they rescued other true-love couples targeted or entrapped by voo-doo curses. An innocent woman ensnared by an ancient evil The romance between Aaron and Mahjani and how it horrifies the strait-laced parents of Aaron and Jacob , an aside in this tale, would be a good story in itself. Will true love prove to be the strongest magic of all? Although this was a 3-star read for me primarily because of the somewhat draggy pace , it is an interesting story, and I would be willing to read more from this author.

View all 4 comments. Jun 16, Jenne rated it liked it Shelves: magic , ghosts , grimm , read-in Well this was a different take on Sleeping Beauty, comas, voodoo, doctors and stuffy parents lol. The bedroom scenes were pretty smoking but the rest of the book fell a little short for me.

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I did like Jacob and Rory but wanted to smack him for not realizing view spoiler [that Rory's brain activity stemmed from their shared dreams. It was so obvious that I hard time believing this big shot neurologist didn't put 2 and 2 together. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Rating: 3. This was an interesting read. The book reads as if straight from a porn movie.

Now I have always been a big believer of things that can not be explained with logic or science. This world is to vast for us humans to discover everything this world has to offer. With that being said Rory short for Aurora is placed in a 6 year coma when she tried to have seen for the first time at the age of While in the heat of the moment she slips into an unexplai Rating: 3. While in the heat of the moment she slips into an unexplained coma.

During the 6 years her parents tried many doctors to wake her from her slumber with no result. Then comes in Jacob a very skilled neurologist who takes on the challenge of trying to wake the sleeping "priness". At this time Rory for someone reason is able to pull Jacob into her world while he is sleeping.